If you're a comeback player, new to the trumpet, or want to further your skills and repertoire, you're in the right place. Welcome!

You'll find useful instruction here, from basics of getting a great tone to acquiring and honing more advanced skills like range, endurance, double-tonguing, and more.

Check out our song course packages. Classic songs (jazz, pop, folk, and beyond) that give you everything from melodies and harmonies, to improvisation ideas and other exercises. A fun way to further your abilities on the horn.

Stay tuned as I build our curriculum. Get in early on the Dark Eyes course for a steep discount !

Courses taught

by Jonathan Harnum


Hi. Jon Harnu here. I've got over 40 years on the horn and more than 25 as a teacher, including a Master's and PhD in music education from Northwestern University. I've written 8 music-related books, including the best-sellers The Practice of Practice and Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music.

I strive for a capable, friendly, and sometimes funny teaching style. I think you'll enjoy these lessons. With lifetime access, it's easy to refer back to lessons for a refresher as much as you need. I recommend it. Someof these ideas take a long time to "stick." It's normal.

Welcome! Try out one of the free courses.

Dr. Jonathan Harnum playing with Chiringa, opening for Ozomatli.